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Whakapiri Ora Services
Korikori a Hauora

PE Class

Korikori a Hauora

This free service offers support to any whānau dealing with or at risk of diagnosed health concerns. We provide weekly group sessions over a 10-week period, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

Join the Korikori a Hauora Program and Explore These Activities

To inquire about enrolling in the Korikori a Hauora program, please contact the clinic or speak to a GP or nurse to express your interest. Here are some examples of activities we participate in as part of this program.

Lake Ngatu - Waka Ama

Te Ahu Loop Walk / Bike

Sports Hub Aquatic Fitness

Bodyweight Strength & Mobility

Kaitaia Strength and Fitness

Te Hiku Sports Hub Activities

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