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Explore a wealth of resources dedicated to supporting Māori in Hauora. This page offers links to key organisations like Kia Ora Hauora, Hauora Taiwhenua, Te Rau Ora, and Te Rau Puawai, each providing unique support for Māori health career pathways. From scholarships and funding opportunities to workforce development programs in health, these resources are integral for Māori aspiring to join or advance in the health sector. Whether you're a student, a current health worker, or looking to start a career in health, this page serves as a gateway to valuable information and community connections.

Supporting Māori in Hauora

Kia Ora Hauora was established in 2009 to increase the number of Māori  working in health services.   Kia Ora Hauora engages with Māori students, current health workers, and community members seeking a career in health. Through the promotion of health careers, whanaungatanga and providing an information hub that facilitates knowledge, tools and resources to get Māori  started on a health career pathway.   Check out their website regularly.


Hauora Taiwhenua

Hauora Taiwhenua - Rural Health Network have compiled a rich directory of scholarships and supports.  Please check out their website.


Te Rau Ora

National Māori  Health Workforce Development Organisation – Te Rau Ora is a legacy organisation established from the vision of Taa Mason Durie and many Māori  Health Leaders. Its key foci through matauranga Māori, education, innovation, kaupapa Māori  is for a Māori Health Workforce that contributes to Flourishing Whānau. Please visit this website for scholarships and funds, and workforce development opportunities.


Te Rau Puawai

National Māori  Mental Health Workforce Development program situated in Massey University is one of the most successful programs in supporting Māori  to acquire a qualification to work in mental health and addiction services. Courses have included psychology, nursing, rehabilitation, social work, social policy, Hauora Māori, Indigenous studies and health.  Please visit Massey University website for further information.

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