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Legal and Copyright Notice


Please be aware of the copyright terms that apply to this website owned and operated by Te Hiku Hauora. The content featured on this site is the property of Te Hiku Hauora unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Copyright Usage

Unless indicated as owned by a third party, all materials featured on this site, except for photographic and graphic works, may be reproduced subject to the following conditions:

  • Content Integrity: The content must not be altered in any way.

  • Non-commercial Use: The material must not be sold or used for commercial gain.

  • No Endorsement: The material must not be used to promote or endorse products or services.

  • Appropriate Context: The material must be used in a context that is appropriate and not misleading, considering the nature of the material.

  • Include Disclaimers: Any disclaimers included on the original material must be retained on the reproduction.

  • Acknowledgment: The source and copyright status of the material must be clearly acknowledged.

Moral Rights

Any reproduction of works from this website must respect the moral rights of the author as outlined in Part 4 of the Copyright Act 1994.

Photographic and Graphic Work

Photographs and graphic materials on this website may not be reproduced outside of the context of their accompanying document or resource without explicit written permission. For permissions, please contact us at

Te Hiku Hauora Logo

Use of the Te Hiku Hauora logo requires express written permission. Requests for permission should be directed to Copyright material should be attributed in written form and not by reproduction of the Te Hiku Hauora logo.

Third-Party Copyright

Permission to reproduce Te Hiku Hauora materials does not extend to any work identified as the copyright material of a third party present on this website. Authorization to reproduce such material must be obtained directly from the copyright holders concerned.

Copyright Enquiries

For any queries regarding copyright use, or if you are in doubt about the usage of any material on this site, please contact us at

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