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Nurse Practitioner


Hours per week:
40 Hours



Provide advanced nursing care in specialized areas, prescribe medications, and manage patient treatment plans. Nurse Practitioners are expected to perform diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, educate patients

about preventative care, and guide them towards healthy lifestyles.

Interested? Are you driven to lead in advanced nursing roles and deliver

exceptional patient care? Your skills can make a profound difference in our community’s health. 

Qualifications Needed:

●  Master's Degree in Nursing.

●  Certified Nurse Practitioner with current registration.

Skills Required:

●  Aroha (Compassion): Demonstrating genuine care and empathy towards patients.

●  Manawanui (Resilience): Ability to remain resilient and provide quality care in challenging situations.

●  Attention to Detail: Ensuring accuracy in diagnoses, treatments, and patient records.

●  Communication Skills: Effective communication with patients and healthcare team members.

Applicants will complete the online application and will provide documentation required.

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