What’s the buzz?

“It’s that incredible joyous feeling you get when a client becomes smokefree” says Te Hiku Hauora Health Promotion Manager, Cathy Cherrington.

Statistics show that around 5,000 people die each year in New Zealand because of smoking or second-hand smoke exposure. That’s 13 people a day, so when someone decides to stop smoking, that’s a decision to celebrate. The client benefits through improved personal health and money that was previously spent on smokes can now be spent on food or clothing.

The Stop Smoking Practitioner that assisted the client on their journey to become smoke free feels an incredible buzz the moment a client validates smoke free at 3 months. They can often be heard (and seen) “shouting, whooping and jumping for joy in the corridor” says Mrs Cherrington “… everyone knows when someone has become smoke free, it’s a wonderful accomplishment for the client and the Practitioner”.

Carolyn Burgoyne has been in her role for 15 months and has helped a number of clients become smoke free.

She says “I love working with people and supporting them on their smoke free journey. I get a real buzz when a client validates as smokefree” Carolyn, who previously worked in banking, said she best describes “the buzz” as similar to that moment of spontaneous joy that a person displays when they’ve just been told that their first home loan is approved.

She says “I get that same kind of feeling when someone validates as being smokefree – it’s hard to describe but it’s definitely one of the things I love about my job”.

Taking care of the health of whanau in our community; Te Hiku Hauora Stop Smoking Team enjoy the buzz they get when clients become smoke free.

They are ready to help you on your smoke free journey so phone them now on: 0800 808 4024