Participating in local events and sharing the kaupapa of healthy living and wellbeing are all very important components of what makes up Te Hiku Hauora’s daily mahi.

Next Tuesday August 18 is the Hauora Expo at NorthTec and Te Hiku Hauora will once again have a strong presence at this event.

Our Health Promotion, Mobile Nursing, and Dental Health teams will be sharing their knowledge and expertise in the fields of aukati kaipaipa (stop smoking), mental health (helping students cope with stress managements while studying), giving free health checks as well as awareness around dental health.

Dental Health Promotion kaimahi Sonya Butters says attending such events enables Te Hiku Hauora the opportunity to speak directly with the public.
“These events give us an opportunity to find out what the community’s needs are and enables us to network with other health providers to address and support our community. They also inform our community to what is available to them and grow awareness of all things hauora.”
NorthTec student advisor Helen Cossey says the Hauora Expo also aims to improve both NorthTec staff and students personal wellbeing.
“Success in learning is not just about completing a course – it is about managing yourself through life as well as managing your learning and if we ignore one, we often fail in the other.  We want to focus on the whole person’s wellbeing.”
“Many students come in with little or no knowledge about what health and wellbeing services are available in the community. Bringing the different groups to the students breaks down that barrier and gives the students (and staff) an opportunity to meet with health professionals and ask for information.”
“We often find that students appear quite liberated after Hauora expos. They have met with someone, learnt something new or have realised that it’s not so scary – and grow in confidence.  Many have been able to address health or wellbeing issues that they have happening for themselves or a family member because they now know where they can go.”