Te Hiku Hauora GP Clinic were pleased to host medical student Luke Li over the past six weeks.

24 year old Luke is in his 6th year at the University of Auckland.

“I have really enjoyed my time here” says Luke.  “Both the patients and the staff were very friendly and made being a medical student much easier. Dr Kathy Bakke It’s a great environment to learn in since we get to see so many different things.”

He also gave special acknowledgement to Dr Kathy Bakke, who was his supervising doctor during his placement.

Luke has welcomed the opportunity to increase his knowledge of Maori culture during his placement.

“There is certainly a large proportion of Maori patients up here, and I feel it’s important as a medical student to be at least aware of the Maori culture, since it does affect their health practices.”

Luke has noticed a big difference with regards to the patient care here compared to in Auckland, where he has spent the majority of his training.

“The major difference I’ve noticed with working here is how difficult it is to get access to resources, things like CT scans, physiotherapy, etc. I feel this really impacts on patient care and is something that needs to be addressed.

He adds the highlight of his time up here was spent at the Russell GP conference.
“The beaches around there were beautiful, and the conference itself was very enjoyable, with a lot of good speakers.”

During his time at Te Hiku Hauora GP Clinic, Luke also attended after hours with the resident doctors, and participated in a patient class with the Manaaki Manawa team.