This week (June 13-17) is Men’s Health Week, something that Te Hiku Hauora are always proud to support.

As part of the Health Promotion team, kaimahi Joseph Levi and John Wikitera are proud be a part of promoting healthy living, especially to Far North tane.

Their motto is ‘Being healthy helps your reach your potential.’

Through their mahi (work) with the Aukati Kaipaipa (Stop Smoking) team, they place particular emphasis on promoting healthy lifestyles to men of all ages throughout Tai Tokerau.

Running stop smoking groups aimed at men, giving presentations at local sports clubs and running workshops with far north high school rugby teams and at the ATC centre,  are just a few of the initiatives these two run to help inform and educate men on healthy living.

The two also run weekly boot camp fitness sessions for fellow Te Hiku Hauora kaimahi.

“If we can motivate just a few of the local guys to live healthier, stop smoking, eat better, than we are achieving something” says Joseph.

A senior player for the Pawarenga Broncos rugby league club, John knows full well the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

“Being healthy and fit helps you perform better and to a higher level. It gives you more energy, you can get more things done during the day. “

“Being healthy also helps you live longer, and have more time with those you love; your kids and whanau, and share that quality time.”

“In Maoridom, we refer to the Gods Tu and Rongo,” says John. “Tu is the God of aggression or intensity. These are good traits to harness when you are on the sports field. Rongo is the God of peace, rehabilitation and relaxation. It’s about finding a balance, like Ying Yang. You need both to be the best person you can be, but you need them in balance.”

“There’s times to be tough, when you’re on the field, then off the field, you’re a father, a brother, you need to harness that nurturing side.”

Contact Joseph or John on 0800 808 4024 or email if you would like the guys to assist you, or your tane, on their journey to healthier living.