Did you know that dental care is free for teenagers until they turn 18 years of age

From Year nine or 13 years old, until their 18th birthday all children regardless of whether they are working or studying are eligible. Many parents and children are unaware of this free service! Dental check-ups can be an anxious time for some, by making sure your child receives their regular check-ups it eliminates the fear of the unknown.

When your child sees a dental therapist you can expect, a routine examination to check teeth for decay and look at the gums and mouth for any problems, X-rays used to find tooth decay and other problems that can’t be seen, fluoride treatment, which helps make the surface of the teeth more resistant to decay, fissure sealants, which are a thin layer of white filling, painted onto teeth that are at risk of developing tooth decay, cleaning to plaque, staining and tartar from teeth, fillings to restore teeth that have been affected by tooth decay and any extractions to remove teeth that have been badly affected by tooth decay.
Make sure you take advantage of this FREE service while you can!

Keep checking, don’t wait for teeth problems to occur; take your child for regular check-ups.
Your dental professional will let you know how often you need to take your child.
Dental check-ups for teenagers mean problems are recognised and treated early.

Te Hiku Hauora Dental Clinic are running two monthly prizes for the month of April 2017

Wow check this out. If you are 13 to 17 years old, come into Te Hiku Hauora Dental Clinic for your FREE annual Dental examination in April, you will receive a FREE Dental gift pack and also go into the April prize draw to win Extra Large Capacity Back up Battery with Ultra-Fast Dual USB Charging ports & $50 Cash. Winner will be notified April 28th

Has it been over a year since they’ve had their teeth checked?
Are they enrolled with one of our GP clinics? (Te Hiku Hauora, Kaitaia Health Centre, or Mamaru Clinic.) If you’ve answered “yes” you are eligible to receive a $10 cash reward. Once you have completed your treatment our team will reward you with your $10 cash reward! You will receive a FREE Dental Examination & Treatment, FREE Dental Education Session, FREE Dental Gift Pack, plus go into the draw for a $50 Cash and a cool prize. When you phone, mention the phrase “$10HOLLA” so we can make a suitable appointment.

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