GP Clinics

We are currently open for new patient enrolments at Te Hiku Hauora GP Clinic only.

Te Hiku Hauora operates three GP clinics servicing the Far North area:

  • Te Hiku Hauora GP Clinic
  • Kaitaia Health Centre
  • Mamaru Clinic

Both Te Hiku Hauora GP Clinic and Kaitaia Health Centre are situated in Kaitaia. And the Te Hiku Hauora Mamaru Clinic is situated in Coopers Beach.

Our GP clinics have nursing staff and General Practitioners who assist clients in achieving optimal health.

Our clinics offer affordable health care to enrolled patients and a gateway to many other Te Hiku Hauora services such:

  • Home Support Services
  • Mobile Nursing
  • Health Promotion

Our clinics are affiliated to Mahitahi Hauora PHE


Patient Fees


Enrolled Patients


0-17 years  18-64 years 65-79 years 80-89 years 90+ years
Doctor Consult  FREE $18 $14 – CSC
$18 – No CSC
$14 FREE<15 min
 Nurse Consult FREE $14 $8 – CSC
$14 – No CSC
$8 FREE<15 min


Casual Patients


  0-5 years 6-17 years 18-64 years 65-79 years
Consult  FREE $28 $48 – CSC
$58- No CSC
$48- CSC
$58- No CSC
Non-eligible for public funding $60 $120 $120 $120


“Awesome doctors, they really listen to you and help you, they don’t just want you out the door. I was at a different doctor’s surgery and changed to Te Hiku Hauora. Best decision I’ve made.”

Jasmine Payne