Every day, the stop smoking team at Te Hiku Hauora help whanau on their journey to become smokefree. Ted Watts was one of those whanau; this is his journey in his words:

“Koro, you’re a liar”
“What’s that moko?”
“You’re a liar Koro because you promised me that when I get married that you would be there to walk me down the aisle”
“Yeah bub, I made that promise and Koro will keep his promise to you”
“But you can’t Koro because you’re a smoker and everyone knows you’ll be dead. …”
Well Aue…40 years of smoking, knowing that it’s bad for me and here is my 12 year old granddaughter laying a guilt trip on me.
“Let Koro think about it Ok bub”
“Yeah yeah Koro, heard it all before, blah blah blah…..”
Well, long story short, I had my last ciggie in July 2015, Nanny’s jumped onto the journey too, and I’m hoping I can somehow keep my promise.  Was it hard, Hell Yeah!
Do I feel like a smoke, all the time and when I have a beer, the hunger is worse
Anyway, I keep telling myself, life is too short. Will I keep my promise, Aue I don’t know but I’m gonna give it a good go. Only time will tell. Till then its one day at a time for this Koro…..

Ka mau te wehi Ted! People like Ted start a smoke free journey every day – why not let us help you on your smoke free journey. You have a story to tell – let us help you tell that story.

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