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Te rōpū kaihautū
Leadership Team

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Damyian Windelborn-Rawiri 

Strategy Manager

 I was born and raised in Herekino, Kaitāia, and Whatuwhiwhi, I am deeply connected to my heritage, which is reflected in my pepeha: 


Tēnā koutou, 

Ko Mangamotu te maunga, 

Ko Tangiwai te awa, 

Ko Te Rarawa, Ngāti Kurī, Te Aupōuri ngā iwi, 

Ko Rangikohu te marae, 

Ko Ruia rāua ko Tuia Hapakuku ōku tīpuna, 

Ko Mathew Rawiri tōku matua. 


Ko Te Pū o te wheke te maunga, 

Ko Karikari te awa, 

Ko Ngāti Kahu te iwi, 

Ko Te Whānau Moana me Te Rorohuri te hapū, 

Ko Haititaimarangai te marae, 

Ko Parata te tangata, 

Ko Ada Windelborn tōku whaea. 


Nō Herekino, Whatawhiwhi ahau, 

Ko Damyian Windelborn-Rawiri tōku ingoa. 


As the Strategy Manager, I focus on the implementation of robust health and safety protocols. A key aspect of my role includes the development of an Occupational Safety and Health and the publication of the OSH Manual, aligned with New Zealand's health and safety regulations. 


I strive to create a safe and efficient workplace environment, ensuring all protocols and standards are met and exceeded. In addition to my professional responsibilities, I find joy in making, providing, and presenting kai to my whānau, my darling, and iwi. The conversations and connections made in the kitchen are particularly meaningful to me. 


 With a profound connection to my roots and a strategic mindset, I am committed to driving Te Hiku Hauora towards a safer and more holistic future. 


Recently, a treasured whakataukī was rediscovered and gifted to my nana: "Titiro ki ngā rā o mua, rapua te mea ngaro," which translates to "When searching for direction, focus your eye into the past, and seek that which is lost." This whakataukī resonates deeply with me as it speaks to the importance of understanding our heritage and roots to guide our future. In my role at Te Hiku Hauora, I constantly seek ways to incorporate traditional wisdom and practices into modern health and safety strategies. This whakataukī reminds me to look to our tūpuna for guidance and to honour the past as we move forward, ensuring that the values and knowledge of our tūpuna continue to inform and strengthen our work.

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