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Each year in Aotearoa, around 25,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. 


According to Cancer Society NZ, Tai Tokerau has the highest cancer mortality rate of any region in the country, with cancer identification, treatment and care outcomes worse for Māori and those living in rural areas.


Te Hiku Hauora is part of the Society's Auckland-Northland Division, which provides extra cancer support nurse specialists and community support workers for Te Hiku, with the aim of reducing the region's high cancer mortality rate.


The service also aims to reduce barriers for Māori accessing health care, and in particular provides psycho-social support during a cancer diagnosis, which fully engages Māori (and non-Māori) in their own health journey.


Understandably, receiving a cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment or recovering from cancer, can be a challenging and stressful time for an individual and their whānau.


Each person is affected differently and it is natural to experience a wide range of emotions in response to a diagnosis. Every person’s needs will also be individual and may require additional assistance to and from appointments, self-care or even financial support. A person may also need rehabilitation to help them return to work, home life and any other activities both during and after treatment.


Support and rehabilitation is an important part of cancer care that Te Hiku Hauora can support those who have been diagnosed with cancer and also their whānau.


Our specialised cancer support service is available to anyone in Te Hiku- Māori and non-Māori- who are enrolled with our clinic and have been diagnosed with cancer.


Contact the clinic at:

Te Hiku Hauora

P: 09 408 4024



Our free and confidential services are for 12 - 24 year olds at our two clinics located in Kaitaia and Taipa.

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