All childhood vaccines on the National Immunisation Schedule are free to all children in New Zealand before they turn 18 years. All immigrant and visiting children can have free immunisations and free Well Child Tamariki Ora services.

Growing up as children we are exposed to thousands of germs, some of which can potentially cause illness. Immunisation is the most effective way to actively protect children and other vulnerable people in our community from preventable diseases, ranging from whooping cough, tetanus and hepatitis B to meningitis and measles.

Over 14 million people around the world die every year from diseases that can be prevented by immunisation. Most of these diseases have become rare in New Zealand thanks to immunisation programmes. Immunisation starts at 6 weeks because it is shown to be safe and effective. Early protection is important because the younger the baby, usually the more serious the disease.

Immunisations are usually given when your baby is 6 weeks old, then at 3, 5 and 15 months, and at 4 years. Having all the immunisations is important for the best chance of strong protection. If your baby misses a dose, you can still catch up.

Te Hiku Hauora GP Clinics offer a $20 Fuel voucher for 6 weeks to 8 month old babies if parents and whanau immunise on time.

It’s important to make a doctor’s appointment for a free 6 week check prior to seeing a nurse before you start the immunisation program. Babies and children can catch diseases at any time, so its vital babies and children are immunised on time, every time for the best possible protection against many serious illnesses.

To book an appointment today please phone your GP clinic and arrange to immunise you baby.

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