Our Logo

To cement the hard work and the establishment of the Trust, it was decided that a logo needed to be created.

Trustee member Michelle Wi says “We wanted something that depicted Te Hiku”

A competition was held in 1994, calling for original designs to be submitted whereby the main requirement being that the logo had to represent the values of the organisation.

There were many entries received, with the winning design chosen by the Board of Trustees, along with the five iwi of Te Hiku.

Faran Popata, son of Muriwai Popata, one of the original trustees, had the winning design, ‘We are the Tail of the Fish’.

“The winning design was unique and really depicted the tail of the fish” says Michelle.

The logo incorporates many elements from Te Hiku, symbolising that everybody owns a piece of the logo, that the logo doesn’t just belong to the iwi, or Maori, but the entire Te Hiku community.